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Electrical Installations

Ensuring the safety of electrical installations in your home makes you feel assured about your own life and the lives of your family and neighbors. The most important aspect of safety is to feel you are safe when using electricity. An electrical fault may cause a crisis.

If such a fault takes place in a crowded place such as a hotel, hospital, restaurant or mall, this will cause a big real crisis and high losses in people's lives.

Therefore, Salim service is provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help prevent any crisis since our mission is to inspect electrical installations and ensure their safety.

Salim Service

  • Salim team is composed of highly qualified and experienced engineers and equipped with the most advanced devices to inspect and test electricity and electrical installations and ensure their safety through inspecting cables, circuit breakers, grounding, switches and all types of cables connected to sub-circuit breakers, load feeding, and ground cables.
  • Providing solutions and recommendations for nonconformities of electrical installations to increase safety factors and avoid electrical risks.
  • Answering questions about electrical installations and their general elements by a qualified technical team.


Inspection of Electrical Installations

Salim is an accredited and certified service by the Saudi Accreditation Center “SAC” and the Civil Defense Authority by the international modern quality standards of the general requirements for inspection on electrical installations. 

Safety Certificate of Electrical Installations

After confirming the absence of electrical nonconformities according to the Saudi building code, a Certificate of Safety of Electrical Installations is issued for the inspected building, accompanied by the results of inspection and testing. This is a certificate to prove the safety of electrical wiring obtained from a specialized and approved agency, namely the Saudi Accreditation Center “SAC” Defense Authority. This certificate can be submitted to any concerned entity because it is an authenticated and official certificate.

If you have a hotel, a hospital or a restaurant, you can increase your visitors' feeling of safety and security by obtaining the Civil Defense Certificate. You can contact us to register your appointment with Salem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enter your data to contact you as soon as possible.

Or contact us on the number:0557387986‏

Fax: 00966112694688

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How We Help Our Customers ?

We discover causes of electrical hazards before they occur, analyze these reasons, in terms of priority and importance, propose solutions for treatment and make recommendations for the implementation of such solutions to avoid causes of these risks in a building.

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Salem tests the electrical wiring and ensures its safety and the absence of wrong practices in the implementation when fed with the voltage distribution (400) volts between two phases or (230) volts between phase and neutral.

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We issue a certificate of the safety of electrical installations at your place of residence or workplace after ensuring that it complies with the electrical requirements specified in the Saudi Building Code.    

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Why Do You Need Salim

إن التأكد من سلامة التمديدات الكهربائية في منزلك يشعرك بالأطمئنان على حياتك وحياة أسرتك والمحيطين بك، ولدى "سالم" فريق يمتاز بأنه على أعلى مستويات الخبرة والكفاءة ومزود بأحدث الأجهزة والوسائل التي تمكنه من القيام بفحص واختبار التمديدات الكهربائية في مسكنك والتأكد من سلامتها، ويقوم سالم بمساعدك للحصول على شهادة سلامة التمديدات الكهربائية.