Salim is a service that seeks to ensure the electrical safety of citizens in the Kingdom and contribute to the realization of an integrated system of electrical safety throughout our beloved Kingdom through inspection on electrical installations. The service aims to ensure the safety of electrical wiring in all facilities of the Kingdom through the implementation of a set of virtual inspection procedures and tests in accordance with the electrical requirements specified in the Saudi Building Code and its executive regulations and its implementation phases starting in the month of Dhul-Hijjah 1439 H and ending by the end of the month of Dhul-Hijjah 1444 H. Application of the Saudi Building Code aims to apply the minimum requirements and the requirements that achieve public health and safety and protect lives and property against all the risks associated with buildings.

 Salim service is concerned with inspection on electrical installations in buildings to ensure their safety and conformity with the electrical requirements stated in the Saudi Building Code, and their suitability to change of the electrical distribution voltage in the Kingdom to the international voltage (230/ 400 volts) under the project of electricity distribution voltage.

Salim service also studies and analyses the cause of risks resulting from nonconformities identified during inspection and testing on electrical installations in buildings, and then provides recommendations to avoid such risks in order to eliminate accidents caused by such non-conformities.

Welcome To Saliem Service


Salim service seeks to be a leading and sustainable service locally and regionally, as it provides the best services related to the inspection and testing of electrical installations in the facilities and buildings of the Kingdom. The service also issues inspection reports and safety certificates if electrical installations comply with the highest standards of safety and security applied globally. Salim seeks to build established and sustainable partnerships with the stakeholders of the electricity system in the Kingdom. This goes in line with the privatization program of Vision 2030 seeking to enhance the positive and effective role of the private sector in building a flourishing and bright economic future.


“Salim” service mission is to provide the highest quality services to its customers through its highly qualified and experienced team. “Salim” Service Provides It’s staff the best, necessary periodic trainings in a sustainable manner and keep up with the latest international training methods. It also provides the latest equipment and facilities that enable it to deliver the service according to the highest standards of quality and technology applied globally. This contributes to achieving an integrated system for electrical safety in the Kingdom within Vision 2030. 


“Salim” believes in the importance of its role in maintaining the safety of individuals and property through its commitment and strict application of international and local standards for the safety of electrical wirings which complies with the electrical requirements specified in the Saudi Electrical Code. Therefore, it works to provide a positive and sustainable work environment by applying the latest technologies and keeping abreast of the latest training methods related to inspecting and testing procedures to form a qualified and experienced team offering great services with competence that leads the service to  become a model where the world is looking up too.