Phases followed to conduct inspection procedures:

(1) Registration of Client Data:

Data of Salim service requester is taken over the phone or by registration on Salim website.


(2) Submission of Quotation

Based on the data provided by the client which includes the area of the house to be inspected, a quote is prepared for the inspection and testing procedures to be performed and the costs involved, and then sent to the customer for approval, signing and return.


(3) Payment

The client pays service charge either by a bank transfer, online payment or in cash.


(4) Conducting inspection and testing

The date and time of inspection and testing are coordinated with the client then the work team visits the building to conduct inspection activities.


(5) Issuance of Safety Certificate for Electrical Installations

Finishing procedures of inspection and testing, the inspection team prepares a detailed report on the degree of electrical installations to comply with the electrical requirements of the Saudi Building Code, including nonconformities, if any. In case there are no nonconformities, a certificate of safety for electrical installations is issued.


Polarity test

Continuity test

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